XANADU Shiloh Shepherds & Alaskan Malamute
The Hayden family members are Terri & Buddy, their son Trey and
daughter Kelsey.   Kelsey who is our dog trainer, advisor and
handler, completed her undergrad in 2012 with a B.S. in Biology and
is now starting her fourth year in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
program at  St. Georges University in Grenada.  She will spend the
fourth year back in the USA at Virginia Tech.  I (Terri) have shared
my entire life with dogs. From collie dogs who worked our family's
dairy farm to lap dogs - Chihuahuas that my mom favored, I lived
with dogs and a variety of animals growing up.

In the late 1970's through the 1980's Terri raised golden retrievers.
When Kelsey & Trey were small, their companions were two
Australian shepherd mixed breed dogs, along with a menagerie of
creatures from a horse to hamsters.   An animal lover from birth,
Kelsey is an active animal welfare supporter, volunteers time at
local shelters, participates in a variety of animal related activites in
Grenada, and educates peer groups about animal abuse.  She
works at a vet hospital and our local zoo during summer break.  
Also, Kelsey is an artist and her favorite subjects are our dogs and
her favorite wild animals - wolves.  Special thanks to Buddy and
Trey for living with two animal lovers.

For about 25 years, we lived and raised our family in a mid 19th
Century Victorian home in Portsmouth, Virginia, a historic, urban
tourist destination city.  In the summer of 2013, we purchased
property in rural Isle of Wight County, Virginia and relocated our
Xanadu crew there in August.

Our dream for Xanadu became a reality.  
In 2003, we began seriously researching shepherd and sled dog
breeds.  Kelsey's Australian shepherd Zoe, her childhood
companion, had crossed the rainbow bridge earlier in the year, and
we were ready to add a new family member.  We discovered the
Shiloh Shepherd, and we  began reading and researching  
everything we could about the breed.  

We talked with a number of breeders and decided to adopt a Shiloh

 In June 2004, our dream came true when our beautiful  
Breeze from Ocean State Shilohs' Ellie Mae/D'Argo litter joined our
home.  As Shiloh people know, this breed is so special that a
second Shiloh usually follows.  In March 2005, we contacted Bay
Breeze Shilohs about their Storm/Maggie litter.  We met Storm a
year earlier at a Shiloh specialty in New Jersey and fell in love with
him and his family.  In April 2005, King
Midas joined us.  He has
been a
dream come true, as well.  After much planning, testing and
preparation, our first litter was born in 2007.  Our keeper from the
litter is our handsome
Odyssey.  In the summer of 2015, due to a
sad family situation, one of our Midas/Breeze puppies,
Bella-Breeze, from our 2007 litter came back to Xanadu. She's
Kelsey's companion during her clinical year of vet school.  Our
precious Breeze crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2015. She will
forever be in our hearts and memories.

In 2009, Kelsey's dream of owning an Alaskan Malamute came true.
After researching the breed for over 10 years,
Alosia joined our
Kelsey's Best in Show Art Display at the
2007 Seawall Art Festival
Our Family
Our Canine Companions
Musical selection is "The Giving" performed
by our cousin -- grammy award winning
contemporary Christian singer/songwriter  
Michael W. Smith.
Flowers from Buddy's hobby - our yard and garden.
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