Conformation Shows

We began showing our Shiloh Shepherd Breeze when she was 14 weeks old.  
At her first ARBA show, Kelsey and Breeze received a Best in Show Puppy and a Reserve Best in Show Puppy.  

Midas began showing at 4 months old.  He is a NAKC International  and Breed Champion.  
He is a multiple Best of Breed winner and a Best in Show winner.  

Ozzy had his debut at the NAKC Battlefield Classic in April 2008.  At the NAKC Fort Mott Classic in July, 2008,
Ozzy earned his Jr. Championship.   He went on to capture 4 Jr. Puppy Best in Show wins.  
Ozzy received his first adult Best in Show in 2010.

We have shown with NAKC/ Rarities, ARBA, NCA and have enjoyed a few AKC fun matches.  
We continue to show as location and schedules allow.   

First and foremost, our dogs are family members.  
We are often asked if our Shilohs are 'show dogs' due to their majestic beauty.
Our response is that our Shilohs are treasured family members who sometimes show.
Scan down the page for many of our show memories.
Midas at 6 months old - Rarities,
Woodstown New Jersey, 2005
3x Group 1 Puppy 6-12 Months!
He also was Reserve Winners Dog.  He received his first major win
Rarities - Woodstown 2004; Terri and 6
month old Breeze with Janet (Bay Breeze
Shilohs) and Storm (our future Midas' dad
Kelsey and Midas in the ring at the NCA
show in Franklin, Virginia, Fall 2005.
Midas received a Reserve Winners Dog!
Kelsey and 6 month old Midas (far right), Rarities - New
Jersey, 2005 - competing for Winners Dog with the "big
boys".  He went on to receive a RWD later in the day.
Here are a few more of our show memories!
Midas taking a break, ARBA Virginia  Beach Classic,
July 2006
Midas was Winners Dog.
Breeze, looking regal, waits for her time in the
ring, ARBA Virginia Beach Classic, July 200
Midas resting after his first show at 4 months old -
ARBA, July 2005.  
He received 4x Best of Breed puppy, and 4 Group 2's!  
Of all days to forget our camera.  
Breeze took Winners Bitch at the same show.
Kelsey & Breeze - Best in Show Puppy,
ARBA, July 2004
Breeze is 14 weeks old, and Kelsey is 14
ARBA Virginia Beach Classic, July 2006
Best of Breed Ring
Kelsey & Midas are to the far left
Larry, 'daddy' Storm, Midas & Kelsey
Rarities Spring Classic, Philadelphia, March 2006
Midas - 12 months old
Kelsey & Midas
Practicing before the show
Rarities Spring Classic, Philadelphia, March 200
Midas & Ozzy compete for Winners Dog
Midas, Kelsey & judge
Ozzy, Kelsey & judge
Kelsey waits backstage with
Ozzy (left) & Midas
Midas "down & back"
Ozzy's ribbons
from his first
Ozzy standing for examination in the
Winners Dog ring

NAKC Battlefield Classic on April 12 & 13, 2008

Midas was 3x Winners Dog, 1x RWD
Ozzy was 1x Winners Dog, 3x RWD &
Kelsey & a very young Midas.
Ozzy, 11 months - 2X Best in Show Jr. Puppy
Fort Mott Classic, New Jersey, July 12-13, 2008
Judge, Kelsey, Terri & Ozzy
Arriving at the hotel

We traveled to Pennsville, New Jersey July 12/13, 2008
Shepherd Specialty.

On an extremely hot and humid July weekend,
Kelsey and Ozzy proved a phenomenal duo.
11 month old Ozzy's results:

5x Winners Dog
3x Best of Winners
(earned both majors toward his breed championship!)
5x Best of Breed Junior Puppy
5x Group 1 Junior Puppy
2x Best in Show Junior Puppy (age 6 - 12 months)!!!!
(completed his NAKC Jr. Championship!)
Early arrival at the show site.
We met new friends like Marley,
a gorgeous Giant Malamute
Our weekend ended with terrific memories, a couple cases of
sunburn, a collection of gorgeous ribbons and a wonderful
achievement as Kelsey and Ozzy earned the
Canine Good Citizen certificate.
Ozzy exhibiting the 'flying trot" with Kelsey
Best of Breed Ring
waiting to enter Best of Breed ring
Best in Show Junior Puppy !!!!
Midas & Ozzy participated in the Colonial
Terrier Club's AKC Fun Match on
September 13, 2008.  
Both were wonderful breed ambassadors.

Midas was Winners Dog,
Best of Breed and Group 3.  
Ozzy was RWD.
Kelsey, Terri & Ozzy attended the Stonewall Kennel Club AKC
Fun Match at the Virginia Horse Park in Lexington, Virginia on
May 9, 2009
Ozzy was BOB and Group 3
Thunderstorms cleared as
the show time approached.
Arrival - will the weather cooprate?
Handler Kelsey and Ozzy with judge
Ozzy & Kelsey in breed ring
Herding Group lineup
Ozzy & Kelsey in group ring
Best of Breed Ring
(Midas is far left)

Kelsey, Terri, Midas & Ozzy
participated in the
NAKC/Rarities Lums Pond Classic over
Memorial Day 2009 weekend.

1 X Best of Breed
Group 3
5 X Winners Dog
5 X Best of Winners

5 X Reserve Winners Dog
Midas & Ozzy with handlers Daniel Rosa & Kelsey
Practice run-through with Ozzy
Midas & Kelsey enter the ring

Xanadu Shilohs history was made on
July 11, 2009 at the NAKC Fort Mott
Classic II when Midas was Best of Breed
in the Shiloh Shepherd Specialty,  
Herding Group 1, and went on to be

Midas is proudly owner handled by

Overall Show Results:
Midas 1X BOB, Group1, BEST IN SHOW
Ozzy 4X Winners Dog, including WD in
the Shiloh Specialty
Kelsey & Ozzy participate in the
Bred By - Best in Show ring.
Midas & Kelsey prepare for examination.
Ozzy  stacked & ready!
Alosia & Midas participated in the Colonial
Terrier Club's All Breed Fun Match on
September 12, 2009  in Hampton, Virginia.

This was Alosia show debut at 6 months,  
and we are very proud of her.

Both dogs were Best of Breed, and Alosia
received a beautiful Group 3 ribbon.
Midas was a crowd
pleaser and a  
wonderful breed
Enjoying a very proud moment as Midas received the NSBR Top Dog Award for 2009.
Happy Midas!
Judge checking bite.
Male Shiloh Line-up

Midas and Kelsey attended the ABIDS
extravaganza in Brookville, PA over
Memorial Day Weekend 2010.

The NSBR awards were presented, and
Midas received a
2009 Top Dog Award!

Midas, Ozzy, Terri & Kelsey traveled to
Bowie, Maryland on August 14 & 15, 2010
to participate in the NAKC
Capital Classic II.

Ozzy was 5X Winners Dog

Although the big wins eluded us over the weekend,
we had a great time doing what we enjoy, spending time
together and enjoying our dogs,
even in the rain.
Kelsey & Midas looking beautiful
Kelsey & Midas in the ring
Presenting Ozzy to the judge in the
Bred by Exhibitor class
Terri & Ozzy in the ring
Ozzy enjoying a rest.

Ozzy and Terri participated in an
all breed fun match on
Saturday, September 11, 2010,
in Hampton, Virginia.

Our special Ozzy
was on his game and  went
BOB, Gr1,

Best in Show!
Arriving at the Merrimac Training Center
where the annual show is held.
Hustle and bustle backstage as folks set up for the
all breed show.
Ozzy & Terri showing off some moves.
Ozzy on his way home to a steak dinner.
(Think that's why he's smiling.)
Waiting in the BIS ring .....
"and today, it's the Shiloh!"
Midas, Best in Show, NAKC
July 2009
Breeze, Best in Show Puppy, ARBA
July 2004
Ozzy, 2 X Junior Puppy Best in Show, NAKC
July, 2008

Ozzy and Midas

IABCA International Champions

IABCA 2011 Old Dominion Sieger

in Chesterfield, Virginia
March 19 - 20, 2011

Thank you Kelsey
for your expert handling of these boys in the ring.
IABCA Old Dominion Sieger
4X Bred by Exhibitor Best of Breed
4X Bred by Exhibitor Group 1
1X Best of Breed Overall
1X Group 1
IABCA Old Dominion Sieger
3X Best of Breed Overall
1X Group 2
2X Group 1
2011 National Select #8!

2010 National Select #3

July 22 - 24, 2011
ISSDC International Event & Annual Specialty
Woodstown, NJ

Best Progeny in Specialty (Show #1)
Best Veteran in Specialty (Show #3)

The ISSDC did a heroic job taking care of all of
the participants and dogs during a
record-breaking heat wave.
Setting up for the show weekend (115 degrees!)
Bench area
Conformation ring