This gorgeous litter of puppies was born at Xanadu
on August 4, 2007.
These eight beauties - 3 girls & 5 boys - were a complete joy.

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Puppies at 1 Week
Even blind and deaf at this age, they move
around the whelping box and find mom.
Puppies at 2 Weeks
This is the extra-large whelping box!
Puppies at 3 weeks
Can you see the difference?   At 3 weeks, eyes are open.  Breeze is a
great mom, but we think she's ready for the puppies to try solid foods!
Week 4 - Standing (or sitting) to nurse
Breeze knows that the puppies are too large to fit comfortably when she
lays down; so in preparation for weaning,  she stands to give everyone a
chance to eat, plus it strengthes their legs and encourages balance.
Did you know?
Puppies preparing for their 2nd set
of puppy shots at 9 weeks of age.  
Leia - 7 weeks - What a cutie!
Sinatra - 9 weeks - What a sweet boy!
Kelsey, Midas & "Odyssey" at 3 months
Did you know?  Early car ride socialization, taking
short rides, can help alleviate carsickness.
Breeze & her puppies
during their first four weeks
To see this fabulous
litter in action during
their first 8 weeks:

Visit our
Midas/ Breeze 2007
Midas/ Shania 2012
Miss Pink, born May 14, 2012.

The sire is our magnificent Midas,
and her dam is
Ocean State Shilohs' Shania.

Rogue has joined her forever home.
Special Grandpups
NS BISS CH Xanadu's Locked & Loaded, PENN, CGN, OFA
Visit Bruno's page for more
photos of this special Shiloh.

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