Kelsey with Midas (5 months)
graduating from Puppy Class (2005)
One aspect of puppy class is calm
and friendly socialization.  Here Ozzy
meets a beautiful Husky puppy.
Odyssey's Puppy class.  We had a great group of puppies and families.  
Pictured are Fonzi, Odyssey, Harley, and Honey Bun (and their families, of
course).   Thanks to our teacher Cristi for a fun and informative class!
Terri, Kelsey and 5 month old Odyssey
are all smiles following graduation.

In addition to obedience training, we love teaching our
Shilohs to perform all types of fun tricks.  Known for their
incredible intelligence, Shilohs are limited only by our
Here's Breeze
sitting politely
and shaking
hands, and
sitting up to
give Kelsey a
"high five".
Midas with Kelsey, who is holding his
passing CGC test outside the K-9 Academy
in early 2008.
Ozzy with handler Kelsey at the NAKC Fort Mott
Classic, immediately following his passing CGC test!
Certificates of Achievement
Like sire, like son!!!
OZZY !!!
for earning his
Canine Good Citizen
on July 12, 2008

for passing the
Therapy Dog International test
on August 19, 2008.

We plan to volunteer with Midas through the
"Children Reading to Dogs" program and by
visiting local hospitals and retirement homes.
Midas & Kelsey
finish the test!
for his graduatution from Basic
Obedience through the Portsmouth
Chesapeake Obedience Club
on March 12, 2009 and
passing the TDI test on March 28, 2009!

Ozzy and Terri participated in the
Stonewall Kennel Club Fun Match
Obedience (Sub-Novice) and Rally-O Novice
events on May 9, 2009 at the Virginia Horse
Park in Lexington, Virginia.

We look forward to competing in titling
events in the near future.

Thank you to the Stonewall Kennel Club for
this opportunity!
Alosia and Kelsey participate on their first day of puppy class
at Pawsitive Attitudes.
Alosia began classes within 2 weeks of joining Xanadu.

Alosia graduated from Pawsitive Attitudes
'mini' puppy training on August 10, 2009.

This 4 week class was offered for puppies and
owners who did not want to wait until the 8 weeks
class was available.  It gave us a great way to start
our puppies out on the right path!

Alosia's training will continue.  She did great!
Alosia following the
"sit" and "look" commands.
Congratulations to Midas!

On May 29 2010, Midas passed
the Adult Temperament Test
sponsored by the ISSDC!

"A sound mind in a sound body"
exemplifies our Midas.

We are proud to put the initials
"TT" after Midas' name.
Congratulations Alosia!

Alosia graduated Obedience class on July 17
Congratulations Ozzy

Ozzy graduated Advanced Basic Obedience
on August 17.
The class reinforced basic obedience commands
and introduced a variety of distractions - sights,
sounds, unfamiliar people & dogs,
and elements of agility.
What a great class.

Way to go Alosia!

Alosia graduated from her 4th
Obedience class on August 21.
Trophy :)
Heeling as a group and weaving
between dogs and obstacles.
Come following a Sit/Stay
Excited to arrive at class
Crossing a table while
walking on loose leash
We did it!

Ozzy graduated
Intermediate Obedience at
Pawsitive Attitudes, October 2010

Alosia completed the
Intermediate Obedience class
at Pawsitive Attitudes,
December 2010.

Ozzy graduated from

Advanced Obedience - Off-Lead

at Pawsitive Attitudes in March.
Patty Allen, Pawsitive Attitudes with Ozzy
Terri and her mom Jean with Ozzy

Alosia earned her
Canine Good Citizen title
at Pawsitive Attitudes on July 15, 2011.

Alosia Morning Star of Xanadu, CGC

Way to go Alosia and hander Kelsey.
Yes, Malamutes CAN do obedience.  
We are so proud of you.

Ozzy passed the

ISSDC sponsored Temperament Test

July 23, 2011

Woodstown, New Jersey
ISSDC Nationals
Revised 1/7/14
Obedience training is not a "one and
done" event.  Making practice a fun
experience for your dog reinforces
skills and builds confidence that your
dog is consistent and predictable in a
variety of situations.

A recent trip to our city park provided a
perfect environment to practice long
sit/stay and down/stay off leash

Ozzy's attention and joy are written all
over his expression.

Obedience training provides a great
bonding experience between handler and dog, provides socialization experiences
for the dog, and prepares the dog to be welcomed into its community.   
We support early puppy classes and continued training.
We train year-round with our dogs.
That a boy!
Stand for examination - not only for a show
ring or obedience trial, this command
works in your vet's office, too.
Ozzy in a long Sit/Stay command
Ozzy in a long Down/Stay command
Ozzy in a Down/Stay - he does not move
even as Kelsey nudges him with her foot.
A few minutes to practice "go round"
- show season will be here soon.