Tail chaser extraordinaire
I failed to put my hat high enough
out of reach.  She has always
had a thing for hats.  
I've lost track of how many have
ended up like this.  
This was one of my favorites.

Normal patio of a Malamute owner
(hair, hair and more hair)
Whew you have the urge to chew,
a stick will have to do
Alosia, as Dorothy, looking more like the
wolf that ate Little Red Riding Hood's
grandmother.  Oh boy....
Pruning the shrubbery
We had what sounded like a good plan.

For Halloween, Alosia and the 3 Shilohs would dress as
Wizard of Oz characters.  I ordered the X-Large costumes,
but when they arrived, the only costume that fit Midas was the
Cowardly Lion, which was
supposed to be Alosia's outfit.  
(Note to self:  X-Large doesn't mean my dogs.)

So, not to be outdone, the next plan was to have Alosia be
Dorothy, as the other 2 costumes were way too small for her.  
After over an hour, I got the dress on her, but she looks
disgusted.  The wig was even more disastrous; she finally
decided to chew it up, so she became
Glenda the Good Witch instead.  How fitting...
"I dare you."
#1 favorite toy - squeaky blue
elephant ball, personally
selected at the pet store
My, what big teeth you have.
I'm not blinking.
Alosia must be feeling better (see above)

Planted 4 fruit trees in the Spring.

Tree #3 was felled by Alosia on 10/4.

Note the bottom where she is not content to
pull off the limbs and break the tree in half,
she's determined to dig it up by the roots.
Yum.... dirt.
Catching melting snow as it
falls off the porch roof.  
Alosia LOVES snow and rain
Alosia plays in rain and mud
from Tropical Storm Nicole late
September 2010.

2 days later 10/1 ...off to the vet
Alosia has head shaved to treat
2 large hot spots.
Her embarrassment lasted just
a few minutes, then off to play
with her romp & roll.  
All in the day of a Malamute.
Enjoying the snow and doing a
good wolf impression.  How
many times have I been asked
that question?
Caught taking a nap amongst the TP
(note the telltale bits in her lips)
I am NOT dressing up for
Halloween, regardless of what
those shepherds do.
Our very patient alpha
female Breeze with
inquisitive, 4 month old
puppy Alosia.
More neighborhood laughter on trash day
Very proud of her handiwork
Nov 2009, during the middle of
the biggest Nor'easter storm
and flood to hit Virginia in a
hundred years... and here's
Alosia howling, wet, covered in
mud wanting to go back outside.
Looking contrite.. only temporarily
Maybe I'll eat the evidence
So you're thinking of adopting a Malamute?

"Awwwww…. They’re so cute and fluffy."

In 1998, “Malamute Quarterly” published a humorous article listing the costs of owning a Malamute. *
Our first (so far) Malamute joined our family a year ago, in July 2009.
We developed a list based on our own first year experience.
Not yet discouraged, Malamute #2 planning is in the works.  
Call me crazy, but if laughter extends one's life, she's given me more time here on Earth.
*Omal Malamutes has an excellent website devoted to the Alaskan Malamute.
An article noting the high cost of owning a Malamute, in its original form, was authored by Cindy
O'Malley and highlighted on the Omal Malamutes website.  It was the inspiration for our own list.

While we do not have a personal connection with Omal Malamutes,
we highly recommend their site as an honest and informative place to research the breed.
Caught in the act
Oh... that Woo-Wooing was adorable
at 4 months, so we encouraged it,
even videotaping those sweet

What were we thinking??
Just another Malamute Monday
Please investigate this breed thoroughly and carefully before deciding to adopt that cute furry puppy.
Too many high energy dogs, particularly many Arctic or sled dog breeds, wind up in shelters because
their owners are not prepared.
Choose your forever companion responsibly and wisely.













200 – 3000






































40 – 200







50 – 500


25/ day















20/ hr



50/ hour







"You really think this thing can hold me?"

Start with one Malamute:
One pet quality dog or bitch from a reputable breeder
or  One show/breed quality dog or bitch from a reputable breeder
Shipping of Malamute if you can’t drive there and if the breeder agrees

New digital camera to capture those wonderful first year moments

External hard drive for computer to save all those photos

New computer with more memory so that you can share those photos

Website, blog, domain name

AKC registration and certified pedigree

Puppy vaccinations/rabies (first year)

Puppy wellness exam

Neuter/spay surgery to avoid OOPS! -- other dogs in home

Heartworm test

Heartworm prevention – pay now or hospitalize later (large or giant)

Fecal exam (2X a year); remember Mals eat everything

Fencing for the yard (small yard/kennel to large fence)

Additional fencing for yard for containment (chicken wire/extensions)

Puppy kindergarten

Obedience classes (include do-overs)

Oil of Olay dark circle removers (owner) for all night howling fests

Large amounts of training treats for motivation (“Why should I have to do THAT?”)

Large crate (that was a waste of $$)

Down filled dog bed

Cheaper dog bed after cleaning up feathers and stuffing

Use old towels after Mal chews up all bedding

Replace at least 1 roll of toilet paper per week (stolen from bathroom)

Replace cell phone (tried to fix with duct tape - that was an interesting discussion at Verizon)

Duct tape (see above)

Chew toys – huge volume of bones, kongs, tennis balls and stuffed animals to kill and gut

Pet Food Direct autoship (can’t run out of food again!)

Vet bills to treat intestinal obstructions (did we mention they will try and eat anything?)

Vet bills to treat ingestion of toxic plants (who knew honeysuckle was toxic)

Bitter Apple, rawhides (to save furniture and woodwork)

Repair furniture

Non-skid rugs for slippery flooring

Replace rugs (Walmart this time) after they are unraveled (possibly consumed)

New storm door from spoiled Malamute wanting back inside after potty break

Calls from neighbors to complain about your Mal’s "Woo-Woos"

Shovel, rake for filling in holes

Pine shavings, pine straw, pea gravel to try and stop the digging

Bark-Off  (buy 1, get 1 free with shipping)

Running shoes for those 5 – 8 mile walks each day

Replace countless socks

Baby gates

Replace baby gates that are chewed, climbed, destroyed

More baby gates (now need to stack them 1 on 1)

Collars – flat collars, training collars, prong (heaven help us)

Leashes – should have started with the double one

Grooming (you need help on this one – can you ever get them wet?)

Grooming - other dogs in household from the Malamute happy drool

Brushes, combs, slicker, Furminator (when all else fails)

Purchase 2nd Furminator (dog chewed up first one)

Dog license (less if neutered/spayed)

Impound fees if he gets loose

High velocity dryer (to try and remove the mud from digging)

Phone calls to breeder

Miscellaneous emergency vet treatments

Replace neighbor’s shrubs, fence, etc. when a squirrel gets on the other side

Pooper Scooper

Estimate for larger scooper if you feed  crappy food

Poop removal (trash bags or bio system)

Poop investigation device to dig through waste – what the hell did she eat this time???  
… found the rugs…

Boarding for vacations

Missing chicken, roasts, cakes, bread from countertops

Childproof locks for cabinets and refrigerator

Replace chewed jeans that have doggie treats in the pockets

Harnesses and cart/supplies for pulling, carting

Flea prevention

Commercial vacuum (or new, cheaper vaccum 1X a year)

Bottle of anti-shed

Shampoos/Conditions (can you get this dog wet?)

Gallons of Windex for nose prints, mud droplets, kitchen floor wipe-up

Carpet cleaner

Give up on the carpet and install tile

Replace flowers, defoliated trees (those new fruit trees must have been a delight)

Purchase (or build) wire cages for trees, shrubs

Loss of entire summer’s vegetables/flowers

Yoga lessons to relax after observing one more carcass left on your stoop

Malamute collectibles, car decals, key rings

Dog vest that reads, "No, I'm not." for the 100th time you're asked, "Is that a

Contractor to replace window sills, bottom cabinets, baseboard and holes in walls

Ramp to get into SUV (dog is now too large to jump into the back seat)

SECOND Malamute… show quality
for sure this time

Replace car upholstery and carpet from vomit and drool (carsickness)

Larger vehicle/van to transport the dogs

Owner bitten by the Show bug!  Show crates, tents, collars, handling lessons, sprays, chalk,
cornstarch, bait, hotel rooms, doggy bag, and misc. supplies

Hair color to hide all the gray (owner)

Buying a house with land in the country (Done!)
The love of a Malamute...... priceless.
Someone left the toilet paper roll out again.
Alosia saw fit to remove the old
paint, and chew the copper/brass to
a luster, then remove the wooden
handle from our radiator.  This
radiator has been here for over 80
years, and it took a Malamute to
make these alterations.  
Proudly presented to me by Alosia.
Am I rich?  Is this a fossilized dinosaur
tooth, an arrow head?
Nope... it is a 3" x 4" chunk she bit (yes I
said that right) off of a brick she found
buried in the yard.
XANADU  Shiloh Shepherds & our Alaskan Malamute
What could this be?  
For those who guessed correctly...
yes, this was a hairbrush.  We found the
top part under a cabinet (thank goodness
she didn't eat it).  Can you imagine how
strong her jaws must be?
At first, I wasn't sure what was destroyed.
Did she steal a plushie toy from Breeze and gut it?  
(Breeze treasures her plushies.)
Was it insulation?
Oh, now I see.... it's the stuffing from her new
orthopedic bed (note the hole chewed in the corner).
Thank goodness Malamutes are so darn cute.

Below is a sampling of what an energetic
Malamute can do in a short amount of time,
even with many chew toys and lots of exercise.

After the age of 2, we are happy to report that
Alosia's demolition projects have slowed down.

Uptate:  We are happy to say that after age 2,
Alosia's demolition projects seem to be limited
to the outdoors.
I went to the grocery store, and she ate the
kitchen walls.....Does plaster really taste this good?  
We had her tested for lead poisoning just in case as
our house is over 100 years old.  She's just fine.

If you're wondering, she flips an airline crate, ate
through a soft crate and bent a metal crate.
We always wondered what
color our kitchen wall  used to
be.  Touquoise... how quaint.
Interesting tooth designs
Maybe she's an artist.

1. If I like it, it's mine.

2. If it's in my mouth, it's mine.

3. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.

4. If I can take it from you, it's mine.

5. If it looks like mine, it's mine.

6. If it's mine, it will never be yours.

7. If I saw it first, it's mine.

8. If you have something and put it down, it's mine.

9. If I chew something up, all the pieces are mine.

10. If it used to be yours, get over it, now it's mine.
Bathroom door - suppose if you
scratch long enough or often
enough someone will come.
Imagine what those nails
(which are very short) do to
your leg?
Bathroom door jam -
I thought she could safely stay
in our large bathroom instead of
a crate for a couple of hours
while I ran an errand.  This was
after she chewed up a
hairbrush. a roll of toilet paper,  
and our toothbrushes.

Malamutes are loving, affectionate, devoted, pack centric, intelligent, primal, prey driven,
vocal, intense, large, stubborn, intuitive, demanding, exhausting, intense, heavy shedders,
happy, playful, comedic, diggers, pullers, protective, strong, inquisitive, champion
chewers, bossy, and that's just a few of their endearing qualities.  They are natural hunters
and have an unmatched ability to chase and capture anything that moves.

It's been an interesting 5 years.
We are experienced animal and dog people, but even all the reading, researching, meeting
with breeders, attending shows and planning didn't prepare us completely for how our
hearts would be wrapped within the paws of this incredible creature.  

Malamutes are beautiful, awe-inspiring and always conversation starters.  
They love their people and will assume the alpha role in the home if they sense their
human leaders are not worthy or up to the task.  Their respect is earned.  
They will try to outsmart you, and definitely have the ability to do so.  
Training techniques used with other breeds usually do not work.
If you've had other strong breeds and think you know how to raise a Malamute, think again.

On this page we will share a few glimpses of our enlightenment living with Alosia.

Our key lesson... Have a sense of humor!

The Malamute Creed

Alosia's Olde Towne Lost & Found
Malamute Projects - Ages 1 & 2
Talking with a Malamute Puppy
Visit our Videos page to see Alosia in action.

These are a few of the treasures that Alosia
found on our walks around Olde Towne at night.

Not everything disgusting makes it home -
these represent a sampling of the more
appropriate items to show on our website.

Malamutes will pick up anything they find.
The trick is spotting the item before they do and
recovering it (see the Malamute Creed above).

In response to what we hear on our walks:

*  No you didn't have one just like this as a child

*  No, you don't want one just like her

*  No, she isn't a wolf

*  No, she isn't a husky
Collection assembled late 2012 - January 2013
Age 4 - Still Making us Laugh
Still digging.... after
all these years
Day 3 of her new bed.
My attempt to capture a Christmas photo.
Chewing on
the deck
railing.  Oh,