Puppy Health
Shadow*, Honor, Bella, Gage, Chief,
Odyssey, Leia, Sinatra
Born:  August 4, 2007

Dam:  Breeze  ~  Sire:  Midas

Puppies Born Alive:  8

Still Living:  7 (as of 4/4/15)

5 males, 3 females
Dual, plush coat litter

 At age 8, no health issues reported.

    No stillborn puppies in the litter

    1 Male had a testicle that failed to descend to the scrotum
    (i.e., unilateral cryptorchism); neutered March 2008

    At age of 6 weeks, one female puppy diagnosed with pronounced underbite.
    After consultation, Dr. Fink removed the 4 canines to allow jaws to grow normally.
    Puppy had normal scissor bite at 6 months.

    Litter received veterinarian evaluation of Excellent at 6 and 8 weeks of age.

    Produced Shilohs with demonstrated aptitude for work (herding, tracking, obedience) as well
    as conformation.  Multiple titles earned.

    One male from this litter was bred in 2008 and in 2009; 3 litters (Surefoot Shepherds).  * We
    were notified in April 2014 that this male disappeared from his home and presumed killed by  

Hips:  Testing 62.5% complete via OFA or PennHip; 7 of  8 have hip x-rays
  • One male received passing PENNHip (.33R, .41L, no DJD) in August 2008;
    breeding male (Shadow).  (3 litters produced; neutered 2010)
  • One female received "Good" OFA Prelim report on 10/14/08 - neutered (Bella)
  • One male received "Good" OFA Prelim report as of 10/31/08 - neutered (Gage)
  • One male received OFA Final - Good on 2/18/11; potential breeding male (Ozzy)
  • One female received OFA Final "Fair" report in 2013 at 6 years of age (Honor)
  • One Male had hip X-rays performed by vet at 6 months with normal results; neutered as
    pet (Sinatra); one female had hip x-rays performed by vet when spayed and vet reported
    normal results.
  • One not completed

  • One male received OFA Normal results in January 2011 (Ozzy)
  • One maie received OFA Normal results in August 2008 (Shadow)
  • One female received OFA Normal results in May 2013 (Honor)

  • One male had TLI test performed at 6 months; reading 14.2 (Gage)
  • One male had TLI test performed at 24 months; reading 7.8 (Ozzy)

Thyroid:  One male had OFA 'Normal' Thyroid as of August 2008 (Shadow)

Heart:  One male has OFA heart certification pending.  (Ozzy)
Midas/Breeze 2007