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DOG DAYS - August 2008
The 2nd Annual Olde Towne Dog Days was held on Saturday, August 2.
We missed the event last year, because Breeze was delivering puppies!
So, this year, we had to go!  Over 50 neighborhood dogs and their humans arrived for
a great morning of fun.

I'm not sure who had more fun - the humans or the dogs.  

The day began with the parade of dogs.
Celebrity Look-Alike Contest
Ozzy entered as "Rin Tin Tin".
Other contestants included "Frank" from
Men in Black, "Toto" from Wizard of Oz,
"Petey" from the Littlel Rascals, and "Benji"
Ozzy had his paw read by a local Swami.  He
predicted a warm summer due to Ozzy's thick
coat, lots of spoiling, and a wonderful life.  We
think he got that one right!
The final event of the day was the "Olde Towne Derby".
Lots of excitement was building
as the dogs and humans lined up at the starting line.
With the theme from "Chariots of Fire" playing, the race began.
Ozzy with Kelsey in tow  won 2nd place!  
First place went to a beautiful young pit bull female who looked
just like Petey from The Little Rascals.
Ozzy proudly poses with his prize,
wearing his silver Derby medal
Terri's mom Jean, Midas & Kelsey take a
break in the shade.
"King" Midas, reigns over his neighborhood.
The judged events were:

"Celebrity Lookalike"
"Mirror Image"
Mysterious Heritage
"Least Obedient"
"Olde Towne Derby"

Prizes were awarded by the judges
for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.
First place prizes were ceramic
dog bowls, designed and hand
painted by our own KELSEY!
Ozzy's Adventure
Ozzy traveled to Lexington, VA
May 8 - 10 and attended an AKC Fun
Match, spent the weekend at the
beautiful Fox Hill B&B in Fairfield,
explored Sweet Briar College,
participated in both obedience and
Rally-O events, and enjoyed time
with his family hiking and playing.
What a great weekend !
Sweet Briar College bell tower
Sweet Briar was named the nation's most
beautiful college campus.
Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast, Fairfield, Virginia
exceeded our expectations for a pet
friendly, welcoming environment.  Ozzy
gives Fox Hill 4 paws up!  
While we honored the "please keep pets off
furniture" request, during playtime Ozzy
jumped up to give Kelsey a kiss.
Ozzy goes to college
Visit conformation
show photos from our
 weekend trip on our
Showing page.
Ozzy in front of Fox Hill
"Dogge Daze" - 2009
The 3rd Annual Olde Towne Dogge Daze
was held on Saturday, August 1.
This event grows in attendance and activities every year.

The day started with an hour of socialization and photos.
This year's contests included a "doggy cake walk" (prizes
were specially made dog treats), "best kisser", "most
original costume",  "most talented"
and the "Olde Towne Doggy Derby."
Volunteer donations throughout the day went to charity.

What a wonderful event!  
We had a blast, even in August Virginia heat and humidity.
Alosia cools off in one of the puppy pools.
Kel & Midas prepare for the
costume contest
Kel & Midas and Terri & Alosia in the cake
walk.  All canine participants received dog
ice cream as a reward!
Most Original Costume event
Midas takes a break in front of a very
appropriate sign.
Snow Fun - January 2010
A rare and beautiful snowfall came to eastern
Virginia on January 30.  The dogs loved it.
Spring Break - March 2010
Dogs & Pals - May 2010
Ozzy (with Terri), Crash (with Kate)
& Alosia (with Kelsey)
out for their daily walk
Alosia greets Crash
"I love you!"
Best friends Alosia & Crash
July 2010 - City Park
August 2010 - City Park in the Rain
Geese flying over the river at Portsmouth's City Park
Sunday, August 1
It sounded like a good idea -
temperature was 30 degrees cooler from just a week
before, so we decided to take the boys to the park for
a nice walk on the trails.  We arrived to a gentle rain,
but decided to enjoy the day anyway.  

Here are a few of our photos... despite a soggy day.  
With Shilohs, every day is fun!
Outtake:  Midas, his regal self, while Ozzy
tries to head back to the picnic shelter.
Revised 3/21/13
Alosia & Playmates
Three good friends....
Alosia, Rain
(B&W Border) and Runy
have fun playing and celebrating following their
Obedience class graduation on August 21.

These 3 became good friends during their
six weeks of classes.

Socialization is important for all dogs, particularly
Malamutes.  These photos demonstrate Alosia's
love for canine friends.
Many  thanks to Rain's and Runy's owners for
raising such good dogs and allowing them to
enjoy so much fun!

Let's hear it for happy, balanced dogs!
You show her Runy!
Dogge Daze - August 2010
The 4th annual Olde Towne Dogge Daze was held at
Middle Street Park on August 28.

Alosia, Ozzy & Midas took turns attending.

Alosia loved all the dogs.
Ozzy won 3rd place for the Most Ear-restible Ears!
Midas was a crowd favorite.

Proceeds went to the Portsmouth Police K-9 Unit.
Ozzy competing for Most Ear-restible Ears
(doggone those Bassets)
Cake walk
Dance competition
Ozzy giving a Shiloh greeting
Come on, Alosia, you know you want that ball.
Visiting Friends
We go on walks every day, rain or
shine.  Now that the days are getting
a bit cooler, we're able to stop and
visit a spell with some dear friends
and neighbors.  We look forward to
many more visits during the Fall.
Halloween 2011
transformed into the Land of Oz.
Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
Star Wars Trivia:  The Star Wars' character Chewbacca was inspired
by Indiana, George Lucas' pet Alaskan Malamute, and yes
Malamutes do sound like Chewbacca!
Halloween 2010

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