Along with their beauty, Shiloh Shepherds have great
working abilities.  Shilohs are a member of the Herding
Group.  One opportunity is to explore herding instinct
which also leverages their extreme intelligence.

Scroll down to see photos of
Midas during his herding
evaluation, held in December 2007.  

To see this phenomenal, giant breed dog doing what its
ancestors were bred to do is breathtaking.  

We were awestruck.  More importantly,
Midas loved it.
Kelsey walks the perimeter while the evaluator
watches his reaction and interest in the sheep.
The evaluator takes over and is ready to let Midas
explore his instinct.
and.... HE's OFF!
Enjoy the video!

Midas' Herding
More Herding Photos
Shilohs and the woolies
Shiloh Shepherds excel in a variety of activities.  
Featured here are
Midas (right)
and his daughter
Bella-Breeze (above and left)
demonstrating their herding abilities.
Bella holds multiple titles in herding and obedience.
 We are very proud of this Midas/Breeze girl and
her dedicated family.
Thank you to Nottingham Shilohs for the photos of
Bella in action taking in March 2009.

Recognized by the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC)

Herding Instinct Tested with Qualifying Evaluation