abCHptd Ocean State's Echo in a Breeze, ROM, OFA
Breeze joined our family in 2004 as our first Shiloh and rapidly became our devoted,
loving best friend.  She is to this day the most beautiful female Shiloh I have ever seen.  
She had a high drive and was the alpha dog in our home for the duration of her life.  I
have never encountered a dog as intelligent and eager to learn as Breeze.

She was a traffic stopper - literally.  We had many experiences where people would
stop their cars in the middle of the street and even chase us down to admire her when
we were out on walks.   Her movement was second to none, with a lovely conformation
that she passed on to her progeny.

Although she was a handful as a puppy, being very spirited, independent and confident,
she matured into a marvelous companion who loved to be petted, gave gentle kisses,
and calmly laid by my feet and slept by my bed at night.

Breeze delivered 8 gorgeous, healthy puppies, sired by Midas, in August 2007.  She was
a wonderful and attentive mother.  She was our loving, protective alpha female of our
pack.  She was my shadow and constant companion.  I miss her every day and treasure
the many memories.

She loved being with us and was happiest when her entire family was home and close
by.   I trusted her with my life and she never let me down.

The photo gallery below shows some of our favorite Breeze memories. Run free my
breautiful Breeze.
Breeze - 6 weeks @ Ocean State Shilohs
Happy Girl!
Full Name/Title: abCHPtd Ocean State's Echo in a Breeze, OFA
Color: Black & Cream Dual Plush
March 21, 2004
- June 24, 2015
Dam:  Pinnacle's Miracle Meant to Be ("Ellie Mae")
Sire:  Miracle's 1st Ocean State Boy ("D'Argo")
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Height: 27.5 Inches             Weight: 95 Pounds (age 10)
Hips: OFA  Good
Elbows:  OFA Normal
Heart: Normal (By Practitioner)
Thyroid:  Normal
TLI: Normal
Breeze's Photo Gallery
Breeze, age 4
Breeze on her 5th Birthday
5 months
September 2009
October 2009
Breeze at the airport in Rhode Island
June 2004
Breeze arriving safe & sound
and on her way home.
June 2004
November 2010
March, 2011
November, 2012
November, 2013
May 2014 - 10 years old
Playing with Ozzy, Oct 2014
In Love and Memory, our Breeze
2004 - 2015