XANADU Shiloh Shepherds & Alaskan Malamute
Bella Breeze of Xanadu's Midas, CGC, HCT, RLP, JHD

8 months
Congratulations Bella!!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Herding Capability Test (HCT)
Rally-O Puppy (RLP)
1st leg of Rally-O Level1

On October 11 & 12, Bella earned the RLP title,
wowing the crowd and becoming the first
Shiloh Shepherd to earn this title.  Bella went
on to earn the 1st leg of Rally-O Level 1!

On August 2, Bella completed
the first leg of her Rally-O title.
She placed 1st in trial!

On July 12, Bella achieved the 2nd leg of her
Herding Capability Title !!!
On June 14, 2008, Bella earned her
first leg toward her Herding Capability Title.

... and in her spare time, she still has energy for
other "Shilohs-at-Work" training... stay tuned for
more updates on this fabulous girl!

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10 months
Bella's Accomplishments
Bella is listed in the
"Shilohs at Work"
section of the ISSDC
for both Canine Good
Citizen, Herding, and
12 months
Full Name/Title:  Bella Breeze of Xanadu's Midas, CGC, HCT, RLP, JHD
Color: Black & Cream Dual Plush
Born:  August 4, 2007
Dam:  Ocean State's Echo in a Breeze ("Breeze")
Sire:  Bay Breeze Touched by Gold ("Midas")

Height: 27"; Weight 100#

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Hips: OFA  Prelim  "Good"

On November 8/9 2008, Bella earned the
AHBA Junior Herding Dog title
by mastering the course (and sheep) in 2 clean runs
at Keepstone Farms in Berryville, Virginia
with her owner/handler Bob Coy

Bella becomes one of only 11 Shiloh Shepherds to earn the AHBA Junior Herding Dog
title in the ISSDC.

March 7, 2009 - Bella showing us all how to handle those woolies!
Bella and Bob are training for her next herding title and having a great time.
You're an inspiration to all of us!
A special thank you to Marti of Nottingham
Shilohs for taking these wonderful photos/
Bella, age 3
Bella, age 4

In August, 2015, we were devastated and sad to learn of the passing of Bella's devoted and loving owner Bob Coy.

Bella came back home to Xanadu and is spending this year as Kelsey's veterinary school clinical year companion.

Bella's early years. We are so thankful for the loving home Bella shared with Bob Coy for her first 8 years.
Updated 9/30/2015