Kelsey's artistic name is "Hybrid".  Self-chosen, it reflects her complex nature and
connection with animals.  She has been writing, drawing and painting since the age of 2.  Her
formal art training began when she was accepted at the Magnet School for the Arts as a high
school freshman. Her nominating teacher noted that she was the most natural and gifted
young artist with whom she had ever worked.

Kelsey received numerous art awards in high school, and in 2007 was chosen to attend the
prestigious Governors Residential Program for the Arts at the University of Richmond
(Virginia).  Kelsey graduated college with BS in Biology in 2012 and is now in the Doctor of
Veterinary Medicine School at St. George's University in Grenada.  She continues to express
herself through art.  In her first year of vet school, she was chosen to design and draw the
class crest.  Her next goal is to use her artistic talent in veterinary medical illustrations.  She
designs and paints by commission on a selective basis.

She uses a variety of media, including pencil, colored pencils, paint (acrylic, watercolors &
oils), scupture, multi-media, pen/ink, charcoal, and computer graphics.  She completed
college-level A/P Art while a high school junior.  Kelsey loves photography - her photos of
our Shilohs are featured throughout this website.  She took the self-portraits on this page as

We hope you will enjoy this online art gallery representing a sampling of her work.  If you
have any questions, email us.  All artwork is owned by kelsey hayden.  

* Please Note:  Any unauthorized use of any artwork featured on this page and within this website will be
prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  All artwork is protected by copyright by Kelsey Hayden (2004- 2013).
Art Gallery*
2007 Seawall Art Show
Student Artist - Best in Show
2006 Seawall Art Show
Student Artist - Honorable Mention
2005 Seawall Art Show
Student Artist - Award of Merit
Kelsey participated in the annual Portsmouth,
Virginia Student Seawall Art Festival for 6
years - from 6th through 11th grade.  She
received Honorable Mention and Judges
Award of Merit ribbons  for 5 years,  
culminating with receiving the award for
Best in Show
during her final year.
Kelsey completed these while home from Grenada
during 2012-2013 winter break.  Above is the artist, with
Ozzy and his portrait on Christmas morning.
Updated 3/23/13