updated  09/05/13
Kelsey with 17 week old (and 50 pound) Alosia
enjoying her first day with us.  
Kelsey, you won't be holding her for long.  Enjoy!
Kelsey, Alosia and Breeze

Full Name/Title:  Alosia Morning Star of Xanadu, CGC
Registry:  American Kennel Club
Color:  Light Red and White
Born:  March 7, 2009
Height:  30"
Weight:  120 pounds
Alosia's Photo Gallery
Beautiful muscle and conformation development
5-1/2 months - 26" tall and 75 pounds
What a Girl
hunting for crickets
are you ready for some football?
Alosia with our beautiful Shiloh Breeze
Both girls are over 100 pounds.
To give perspective on
Alosia's size at 8 months,
this ball is the size of a
9 months
8 months
7  months
6  months
5  months
4-1/2 months
17 Weeks
10 months

Think you want a
Malamute? Picture this
sweet face
giving you a kiss.
11 months - February 2010
Turning 1 year - March 2010
April 2010
June 8 2010 - 15 months
What a beauty
Woo woo!
May 2010
July 2010 - 16 months
XANADU Shiloh Shepherds & Alaskan Malamute
Alosia is our gorgeous Alaskan Malamute.  Her name comes from
the feminine form of the Latin Aloisius, meaning "warrior."

Alosia is strikingly beautiful with a primal intelligence that reminds
us very much of her ancestors.  She has a sweet, loving
temperament and is a very large female at 30" tall and 120
pounds.  She is very talkative and charms everyone with her  
Malamute "Woo Woo".  

Alosia loves all dogs and greets them with confidence, wanting to
play, preferring dogs to people.  She makes friends, but is quick
to alert the family to strangers.

Alosia graduated from puppy, basic and Intermediate obedience
classes.  She is a Canine Good Citizen.  She is confident and
bomb-proof, willing to  try anything.  She loves agility classes and
her daily 3 - 4 mile walks.  In 2012 we started carting with her, and
she's a natural of course.

Check back often and watch for updates on our life with a
Malamute.  One thing for sure, it is never dull!
"Morning Star" --  the brightest star in the sky
Alosia Morning Star of Xanadu, CGC
Unfortunately, Alosia did not
meet our requirements to be
part of our Malamute  show or
breeding program.  
We will continue to pursue
other activities with her, and
she remains our devoted and
loving companion.
September 2010 - 18 months
Helping with yard work
October 2010 - 19 months
November 2010 - 20 Months
December 2010 - 21 Months
February 2011 - 23 months
2nd birthday, March 2011
Kelsey fell in love with Alaskan Malamutes around the age of 5
when she watched the movie "Nikki, Wild Dog of the North."  The
dog that played Nikki was a Mal, and she was in love.

We researched the breed for 15 years before adopting Alosia.

We did not start out looking for a light red/white Malamute; in fact,
coat color did not matter to us.  I think life has a way of working
out, evidenced when comparing Alosia (above) to the old
advertising poster  (left) from the original movie.  The
resemblance is beyond striking.  
How it began