August 2010
Alosia & Kelsey tried their
hand (paws) on a fun agility
course at Pawsitive Attitudes.

This was Alosia's introduction
to the equipment, and we are
very proud of her.

Based on her excitement and
enthusiasm, Alosia begins
Agility classes in September.
SIT and let's get ready to work.
Through the hoop
Over the bridge
Through the next hoop
Across the ramp
exiting the Tunnel
Walking through a ladder
Over the hurdles
What fun!

Can't wait for
next time.  

Stay tuned....

Agility is a fun activity for dog and handler.
Start with an alert, focused dog that is reliable in basic obedience commands,
an enthusiastic patient handler, and a fun place to train.
Agility can be a natural progression through obedience.  Whether you do it for
competition or fun, the activity provides a great bonding experience.
August 2010
This is Ozzy's
introduction to the
tunnel and walking on
surfaces with
distractions.  While
these exercises were
part of his obedience
class, they prepare him
for an Agility class later
this year.
Enjoying Agility
Ozzy and Alosia enjoying the  "Agility for Fun" class at  Pawsitive Attitudes.
Biggest human lesson:  Trust your dog.
Dog Lesson:  This is so much fun!
Ozzy completes his first Agility class!